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How can we deliver a healthy, sustainable, carbon-neutral UK food supply? - Dr Peter Noy video

Dr Peter Noy talking head video introducing the Future Food Beacon's food policy recommendations. This was filmed by Sense About Science as part of Evidence Week in November 2020

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How can we deliver a healthy, sustainable, carbon-neutral UK food supply? - animation

1 minute animation bringing to life an infographic produced for the Future Food Beacon by Sense About Science for Evidence Week in November 2020.

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Modern slavery in agriculture supply chains

Dr Alexander Trautrims, Associate Professor in Supply Chain and Operations Management talks about the modelling techniques he uses in research to help policymakers make good decisions uncover modern…

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Anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract: Mesentry

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Nottingham engineers supply 3D printed face shields to NHS

Engineers at the University of Nottingham have designed a PPE face shield with CE approval that they are 3D printing at scale for healthcare workers to use in the fight against COVID-19. Using the…

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How chemistry can secure a sustainable future

Researchers at The University Nottingham are placing green chemistry at the heart of innovation in food, medicine and every aspect of a sustainable future. More information:…

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Global Food Security and Price

Traded raw agricultural commodities such as wheat, coffee, sugar, cocoa and rice, and the way those flows move around the global economy, has implications for consumption and production. It also has…

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