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Bolster your application to the Scientific Training Programme

It's very competitive to get on the NHS Scientific Training Programme and if you've been rejected, don't give up apply again. Cara McKenzie, Trainee Healthcare Scientist and genetics…

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Applying for the NHS Scientific Training Programme (STP)

Cara McKenzie, Trainee Healthcare Scientists and genetics alumna, gives advice on applying for the STP including how to find work experience and how to successfully navigate the interview process.

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Genetics | advice, campus and celebrity snails!

Abigail tells us what she enjoys about studying genetics plus tips for applicants and new students.

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Alumna Amy Prosser talks about her role as Senior Scientist at Sygnature Discovery

Amy, talks about her role in the Bioscience Department and the experience and skills needed to work in this area.

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Lonely ‘lefty’ seeks mate for love – and genetic study

Scientists at The University of Nottingham hoping to study the genetics of an ultra-rare garden snail are asking the public for its help in finding the lonely mollusc a mate. The…

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The teenage brain – work in progress

The University of Nottingham is involved in a European wide study which aims to identify and learn more about the biological and environmental factors that might influence mental health in teenagers.…

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Harry Clifford - MSci Human Genetics

Harry talks about the teaching on his course.

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