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Collapse, weakness and exercise intolerance: Case 4 Post-treatment

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Smart sensor bandage for chronic wounds

University of Nottingham researchers have secured a major grant to develop a smart wound dressing embedded with optical fibre sensors to assess whether affected tissue is healing well or is infected.…

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Tinnitus: past, present, and future

In this Inaugural Public Lecture, attended by members of the public, students and staff, Professor David Baguley discussed perspectives on tinnitus (the sensation of sound when there is no…

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Pain and Arthritis

Millions of people in the UK live with chronic pain every day. Will you help relieve the crippling pain of arthritis sufferers? People with arthritis live with severe pain. Even just getting dressed…

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Cancer: Early Detection

By 2030, cancer cases are expected to have doubled worldwide. Will you help more people survive cancer through earlier detection? The most common forms of cancer worldwide are lung, breast, colon,…

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