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Seminar and Lecture Series; What is theology: telling the story with an apple with Conor Cunningham

Dr Conor Cunningham tells the story of the ways we can look at an apple. A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more involved understanding of the universe and why…

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Why Study UnBelief

Dr John McDade questions the nature of modern unbelief. He sees is as generated from within an approach to the question of God which grew up among Christian theologians in the early modern period. In…

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Louis Pascal Sam-Soon - Finance, Accounting and Management

Undergraduate student, Louis Pascal Sam-Soon, talks about studying Finance, Accounting and Management at Nottingham University Business School and his experiences at The University of Nottingham…

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Parahan Pascal - Ningbo City Life

Parahan talks about his experience studying at UNNC.

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