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Why Study The Israelite Identity with Carly Crouch

Identity is an important topic in seeking to understand a religion. It expresses itself in culture, rules about food, marriage, dress, and views of the divine. In this video Dr Carly Crouch looks at…

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Why Study The Book of Deuteronomy with Carly Crouch

Dr Carly Crouch introduces the key themes is the Book of Deuteronomy. While we think of it a mainly a collection of laws and legal material, we should not lose sight of its two great themes. First,…

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Historians and Time Travel

A student's view - Would time travel make historians redundant? A podcast by Victoria Stiles a part-time tutor within the Department of History.

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Lustre - Lakeside's annual craft makers' market

Lustre is Lakeside's annual craft makers' market, held every November and featuring the work of over 55 makers. This year Lustre will take place on the 9 & 10 November. For more…

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Harry Clifford - MSci Human Genetics

Harry talks about the teaching on his course.

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Imogen O’Mahony - Recruitment Manager at PwC

Imogen talks about the skills and qualities PwC look for in the graduates they recruit.

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Ayush Poddar - Finance Accounting Management

Ayush talks about his experience studying at UNNC.

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