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Sparta Live: Adapting slavery to Spartan Society

Sparta Live! Adapting Slavery to Spartan Society Join us and Dr David Lewis for a discussion about Spartan helotage According to G.E.M. de Ste Croix (Origins of the Peloponnesian War, London…

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🚘 Campus CARaoke 🎤 Musicality 🎭

First to take to the wheel in our 'Campus CARaoke' series is University of Nottingham's musical theatre society Musicality. Find out more about Musicality:…

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Why Study Theology with Alison Milbank and Tom O'Loughlin

Joe Scales – and undergraduate in the department – asks two of his teachers why they study theology. There are as many definitions of theology as there are theologians – and here…

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Theologians in Conversation; Religious Literacy

Joe Scales – and undergraduate in the department – asks two of his teachers why they consider it so important for people in general (not just a few experts) to have a basic religious…

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LawSoc Puppy Room 2016

Puppies descended on University Park as our Law Society organised a puppy room to calm students’ pre-exam nerves. As part of their Wellness Week promoting mental health, the society invited…

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Why Study Disability and Disease with Christina Lee

Dr Christina Lee, Associate Professor of Viking Studies in the School of English, looks at how disability and disease were viewed by Christians during the Middle Ages. She uses evidence that comes…

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Vlog: Societies

What are societies? What do you do there? How many should I join? Our vloggers Amy and Laura are here to explain all.…

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How would you like to be buried – at Stonehenge?

The answer to this question will help with the exploration of burial sites around Stonehenge as part of the €8m Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project. It is hoped twenty first century…

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Law Society and Guide Dogs Puppy Room

As part of their Wellness Week our Law Society arranged a puppy room for students to unwind from their revision by petting some adorable dogs. Thank you to Guide Dogs for bringing them along.

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Why Study the 4th Council of the Lateran with Claire Taylor

2015 is the eighth centenary of Lateran IV – often described as the most important western church council between the Council of Nicea (325) and the Reformation. Dr Claire Taylor of the Dept of…

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Physsoc goes to CERN

A student's snapshot into Physsoc's award winning annual trip to CERN, in Geneva. Members of the society have the chance to visit the facility, including a guided tour and the opportunity…

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Alternative dance societies at UoN

Campus Cam went along to the alternative dance showcase, where members of alternative dance societies showed off the best bits of their society. Hear why our students got involved with their chosen…

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Sustainability, Society and You, Course Trailer

Taking a little step towards making a real impact A new online course introducing learners of any age to the key issues surrounding sustainability - it is free and open to everyone. This is the…

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DJ Soc

Members of DJ Soc talk about the founder of the society, DJ Switch, and the opportunities DJ Soc has given them.

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Re-writing the research on the treatment of infection

A major breakthrough in the search for alternatives to antibiotics and the treatment of infection could provide microbiologists with a whole new insight into the way germs co-exist with or attack…

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Integrating global society - uneven development

Case study - uneven development.

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Integrating global society - globalisation and uneven development

Case study - globalisation and trade unions.

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How Ethical are Biofuels?

Researchers at the University of Nottingham explain how their work on Bio-fuel and it's social impact is a pioneering project in the UK. Assuring sustainable biofuels at the University of…

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