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Vlog: Making the most of online learning at uni in 2020

A lot of teaching has moved online because of the coronavirus pandemic. Lucy shares some tips for what to expect from online learning and how to make the most of online learning at university.…

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What are the benefits of online learning?

A lot of our teaching will be conducted online when term starts again in September. Our students share their experiences of the benefits they've found of learning in this way. You can read…

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In Absentia: This is not your ordinary graduation

We can’t wait to invite you back to walk the stage as soon as it’s allowed. Until then, know that we are indescribably proud of each of you. What you have done this past year, in these…

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Extraordinary is what you make it #WeAreUoN 💙

This isn’t the start to the academic year that any of us were expecting, but at the University of Nottingham, we’re used to dealing with the unexpected. Extraordinary is what you make it.…

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University of Nottingham Online Open Day

We had an open day planned. We were going to invite you to our campuses and show you everything we have to offer. But then things changed... This is not an open day, but we'd still like to show…

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Applied English at the University of Nottingham

Customise your degree by studying our online Applied English course, which allows you to combine a broad range of subjects from English language and literature, or specialise in a chosen area. Find…

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#UoNFreshers - Getting started academically

We can help you prepare to start your studies, Watch the video to find out more about the guidance available.

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Introducing Office 365

Office 365 contains lots of useful features, from storing files on OneDrive to working collaboratively on documents. This video gives an overview of everything it has to offer.…

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Staying safe online

Staying safe online is increasingly important. Here are some tips to avoid getting caught out.

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Online marking with Turnitin Feedback Studio

A four-minute video explaining the basics of online marking using Turnitin's Feedback Studio As seen in "Escape from Paper Mountain"

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Ending Slavery Course Promotional Video

Promo video for Ending Slavery MOOC an upcoming course on the Future Learn platform featuring Professor Kevin Bales, Professor Zoe Trodd and Dr Katie Donington. To find out more and sign up for the…

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Online Reading Lists

Academic staff and students talk about their experiences of using online reading lists.

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Continuing Professional Development Services

The benefits of Continuing Professional Development Services.

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How to Read Your Boss Course Promo

Have you ever wondered how to actually talk to your boss? Having trouble getting your message across in meetings? How to Read your Boss can help. Led by Dr Louise Mullany from the School of English…

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Teaching and Learning Conference April 2014 Structuring and facilitating conversations online

Workshop by Sarah Speight and Helen Whitehead for Students in Conversation (Tuesday 29th April 2014) At Nottingham online learning has become part of our core provision. We offer increasing…

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May 2012 e-learning community - Synchronous Online Communication: running successful Adobe Connect sessions with students

Jonathan Houdmont (IWHO) and Sue Cobb (Engineering) talk about their experiences of running successful Adobe Connect sessions with students.

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Sustainability, Society and You, Course Trailer

Taking a little step towards making a real impact A new online course introducing learners of any age to the key issues surrounding sustainability - it is free and open to everyone. This is the…

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