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Sacred Calendars; The Milad (The Prophet's Birthday)

Dr. Musharraf Hussein describes the annual celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, known as ‘the Milad.’ A time of joyful celebration, but also a time for recalling the life…

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Why Study the Sunni and the Shi'a with Harith bin Ramli

Dr Harith bin Ramli explains the origins of the two main branches of Islam and how they have different views of the nature of Islam. Dr bin Ramli points out that while today, many think of these…

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Mohamed Toure - MA Public Administration

Mohamed explains how his course will help him achieve his career goals.

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Mohamed Elmaghrbi - BEng Civil Engineering

Mohamed talks about the variety of topics that can be studied on the course.

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Solar Cells

Today's solar cells convert just a third of the sun's energy into electricity. Will you help optimise solar power to secure clean and sustainable energy? For more on the Impact Campaign…

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