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Stranger Things at the University of Nottingham

We've found ourselves in the upside down here at UoN - Happy Halloween 🎃 Are there any 'Stranger Things' about UoN that you've come across? Let us know in the comments!

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Why Study Sharia and Islamic Law

Dr Ali-reza Bhojani explains the distinction between sharia (what is the right way to live as known within the mind of God), the exposition by jurists – fiqh –of what this is from sources…

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Why Study Transcendentals with Conor Cunningham

Conor Cunningham looks at the intimate connection between Goodness, Truth, and Beauty as these are studied by theologians. Together these are known as the transcendentals because they are…

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Theologians in Conversation; Living Within Limits

Philip Goodchild, the Professor of Religion and Philosophy, explores the notion that human beings have to come to terms with living within limits if they are to live well. Only when we confront our…

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Life Cycle 5 - gearing up to beat dementia

Help us raise £350,000 to use our Nobel prize-winning expertise in MRI scanning to conduct world-leading research into dementia. To read more and to sponsor a rider…

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Sacred Calendars; Ramadan

Dr Musharef Hussain, an Iman in Nottingham, explains what happens during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. During this month one of the most obvious practices is that of fasting during the hours of…

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Inside Out of Mind - raising awareness of dementia care through theatre

'Inside Out of Mind' played out to capacity audiences during its run at Lakeside Arts Centre between 14 - 29 June 2013. The play is based on the field notes collected by 3 health care…

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MRI and the Developing Brain

One in five children will suffer from a mental health disorder. Will you help improve quality of life for children with mental health problems?

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