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What is Economics?

What is Economics? Find out more:

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Why Study Ancient Galilee with Roland Deines

Prof. Roland Deines explores the ways that the study of ancient Galilee, around the time of Jesus, can throw light on the historical Jesus and the origins of his movement as we hear of it in the…

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M13059 Transforming Welfare States

M13059 Transforming Welfare States with Chris Pierson

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M12089 IPE and Global Development

M12089 IPE and Global Development with Andreas Bieler

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Globalisation and China - International Research at the University of Nottingham

How can China catch up with advanced countries with minimum damage to the environment? This is a challenge for China according to Professor Shujie Yao. Find out more about international research at…

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Global Food Security and Efficient Plants

How are scientists working to double global food production by 2050? The University of Nottingham is producing world-class research into producing nutrition-efficient plants, as part of a wider look…

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Mark Iliffe - PhD Digital Economy (based in Horizon Doctoral Training Centre)

Mark discusses the support the Horizon Doctoral Training Centre provides for its students.

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Finance and Investment into Marine Economy

Professor Yongmin Zhang talks about his research into marine economy which has become China's key development area and will be the growth engine for Chinese economy for the next several decades.…

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