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MSc Environmental Leadership and Management

Dr Nick Mount and Dr Chris Ives talk about the MSc Environmental Leadership and Management.For more information visit:

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Karen Cox - Career Profile

Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham 2013 - 2017, talks about her career: Where it's taken her and how she got to where she is today.

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Objects of Belief; The Cup with Tom O'Loughlin

The Eucharist is a central ritual of Christians, and a central to that ritual is the use of a cup of wine for which thanks have been offered to God. But what is often forgotten is that in this…

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Vlog: Get involved with the Nottingham Reading Programme!

Have you started reading your free copy of The Great Gatsby?Amy and Laura are here to give you some pointers to think about for your reading group. Share your thoughts about the book using #ReadNotts…

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Vlog: Nottingham Reading Programme

Amy and Laura explain this year's Nottingham Reading Programme - pick up your free copy of The Great Gatsby when you arrive! Find out more here: See more of Amy and…

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What is a Gospel with Tom O'Loughlin

Many people, whether they are Christians or not, think they know what the gospels contain, the kind of documents they are, and their purpose. This seminar argues that these are more complex questions…

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Why Study the Sunni and the Shi'a with Harith bin Ramli

Dr Harith bin Ramli explains the origins of the two main branches of Islam and how they have different views of the nature of Islam. Dr bin Ramli points out that while today, many think of these…

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