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New ‘trap’ to analyse, in real time, how cells communicate

Using multiple laser beams and Raman spectroscopy experts at the Universities of Nottingham and Glasgow have designed and built a new instrument which could help scientists learn more about how…

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UoN The Hidden Half: Spinach

Spinach, Spinacia oleracea, is a flower that is best known for its edible leaves. It is thought the plant originated in Iran and then moved across the world until finally reaching the UK in the…

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UoN The Hidden Half: Alpine Strawberry

Wild alpine strawberry, Fragaria vesca, is one of 20 different strawberry species. The most common strawberry found in the supermarket is a cross between two species, fragaria and ananassa, and…

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Vlog: Nottingham Christmas market

Vicky took a trip to the Winter Wonderland Christmas market in Old Market Square. Check out Vicky's channel

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Abdominal examination in ruminants

This brief video demonstrates the key points to include in a basic examination of the gastrointestinal tract in ruminants. Particularly including percussion and auscultation for a displaced…

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Deng Yaping Sports Scholarships

A University of Nottingham graduate, Deng Yaping won six world championships and four Olympic gold medals during her career and as one of the greatest table tennis players of all-time. Our Deng…

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David Ross Sports Village official opening

On Tuesday 16 May 2017 the David Ross Sports Village (DRSV) was officially opened, with students, Olympians, alumni and guests joining the celebrations. For more information about the DRSV…

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Groups and Groupings webinar

This is the recording of a webinar I delivered on 12th May 2015

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The Christian Spinoza with Dominic Erdozain

Dr Dominic Erdozain argues that when one studies the words of Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) in the context of the religious life of seventeenth century Amsterdam and the people with whom he was in…

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PhD student Muniirah Mbabazi is studying nutrition policy in developing countries

Muniirah Mbabazi, from Uganda, is researching nutrition policy in Uganda for her PhD. In the past she has also carried out research into sustainable diets, including edible insects.

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International Scholarship Award Celebration 2013 Photographs

Photographs from the International Office's Scholarship Award Celebration, held in November 2013 to celebrate new students who were awarded scholarships from the International Office in…

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Sport at The University of Nottingham

There are many sports to get involved in, everything from archery and swimming to yoga and skydiving. For more information visit To watch more Nottingham Experience…

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Developing Solutions

Developing Solutions is the University's flagship international scholarship programme. Priority subjects are environment, health, food, science and technology - key areas in the progress of…

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