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Why Study The Israelite Identity with Carly Crouch

Identity is an important topic in seeking to understand a religion. It expresses itself in culture, rules about food, marriage, dress, and views of the divine. In this video Dr Carly Crouch looks at…

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Why Study The Book of Deuteronomy with Carly Crouch

Dr Carly Crouch introduces the key themes is the Book of Deuteronomy. While we think of it a mainly a collection of laws and legal material, we should not lose sight of its two great themes. First,…

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M13221 Identity, Territory and Political Conflict

M13221 Identity, Territory and Political Conflict with Simon Toubeau

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A to Z of Sociology: Ethnicity

Dr Christian Karner, Associate Professor of Sociology, talks about the standard sociological definition of ethnicity and the four key questions which arise from that definition.

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