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Studying economics and econometrics

First-year undergraduate Xue is studying BSc Economics and Econometrics. Here, she talks about her experience at Nottingham so far. Find out about studying economics at…

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Combining economics with internships

Matthew is a third-year undergraduate in the School of Economics. He tells us how developing his skills through internships has led to a graduate job. See our courses at…

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Why we choose economics at Nottingham

Economics students share their reasons for choosing the University of Nottingham. Find out where economics could take you at

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Focusing on economic development

Umme is studying MSc Economic Development and Policy Analysis. She tells us what made her choose her masters degree. Discover our courses at

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Specialising in behavioural economics

Speaking from the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics, Nada shares her experience of studying MSc Behavioural Economics. See our courses at…

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Studying postgraduate economics

MSc student Fei tells us about the support he’s received to develop his economic skills. Study with us:

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Opening the door to a career in economics

Philosophy graduate Fabrizio tells us how his economics conversion course is preparing him for a career in the public sector. Find out more at

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Shaping the future of education

The BA Education combines the academic study of educational systems and practices with an emphasis on career development for an extensive, diverse and exciting field. For more information…

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Securing rights and justice for all

We are the world's largest group of rights and justice scholars and advise governments and NGOs around the globe on the creation of sustainable, open and creative societies. More information:…

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Professor Todd Landman, Norms, Values and Morality: The Comparative Politics of Human Rights

On April 21, 2016, the Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice at the University of Nottingham hosted a special lecture by Professor Todd Landman, a world-leading expert on human rights. He…

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