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Remembering the Reformation 1517 - 2017

2017 marks the five-hundred anniversary of the beginning of the European Reformation. As part of a series of events to commemorate this event which has done so much to share modern Europe and…

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Theologians in Conversation; Liturgical Ordo with Kevin McGinnell

One of the major developments in Christianity in recent years has been the growth of ecumenical approaches to liturgy. Here one of the leaders of those conversations in the English-speaking world,…

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Why Study Martin Luther with Simeon Zahl

Martin Luther (1483-1546) is the most famous of the sixteenth-century reformers who began his attach on the practices of the Catholic Church five centuries ago in 1517. Here Dr Simeon Zahl looks at…

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Amy Prosser, PhD alumna talks about the skills she uses in her role as a senior scientist

Amy talks about her role at Sygnature Discovery and the skills she uses on a daily basis in her role.

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Alumna Amy Prosser talks about her role as Senior Scientist at Sygnature Discovery

Amy, talks about her role in the Bioscience Department and the experience and skills needed to work in this area.

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Why Study Women in the Anglo Saxon Church with Christina Lee

Dr Christina Lee, Associate Professor of Viking Studies in the School of English, looks at what we know about the role of women in the Anglo-Saxon church. Other similar videos you may wish to watch…

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Why Study Pentecostal Theology with William Kay

Professor William Kay, one of the world’s leading Pentecostal theologians, introduces what is distinctive about Pentecostalism in comparison with other forms of Christianity. He points out that…

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Why Study the Eucharist in Contemporary Methodism with David Monkton

Dr David Monkton looks at how there has been a renewal of Eucharistic understanding in contemporary Methodism. This has come about from a variety of sources such as a rediscovery of Methodism’s…

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Why Study The Death of Jesus in St Paul with Richard Bell

Professor Richard Bell looks at how Paul viewed the significance of the death of Jesus Christ for himself, other Christians, and the whole of creation. Paul took over the notion of the sin-offering…

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