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Unlocking Talent: Projecting Learning

Unlocking Talent is using XPRIZE winning apps by onebillion implemented by VSO in innovative ways to raise attainment in literacy and maths, underpinned by scientific research from University of…

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Theologians in Conversation; Liturgical Ordo with Kevin McGinnell

One of the major developments in Christianity in recent years has been the growth of ecumenical approaches to liturgy. Here one of the leaders of those conversations in the English-speaking world,…

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Why Study Dionysus and the Bacchae with Judith Mossman

Professor Judith Mossman (Dept of Classics, University of Nottingham), and expert on Greek tragedy, introduces one of the most powerful of the plays of Euripides: The Bacchae. This gives us…

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Gladstone election songs

Gladstone election songs. Part of the W.E.Gladstone The 'Grand Old Man' of Nottinghamshire research project that involves academics within the Department of History.

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Kaltura Video Solutions for Media Companies

Kaltura’s groundbreaking media middleware platform gives you everything you need to manage live and on-demand rich-media. From video ingestion and transcoding, through moderation and metadata…

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Video Insights - Analytics

What are the main components of the analytics solutions? the video discusses the various components involved in a successful analytics strategy

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